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    Automating tasks in Flash CS4


      I have a question regarding the possibility of automating repetitive tasks in Adoble Flash CS4.

      My wife is pregnant and we are taking a picture of her every day so that at the end, we will have a flash movie of her belly growing throughout her pregnany. This is basically what I am doing:


      1) Take the picture

      2) The picture's native resolution is too big for flash CS4, so i resize the image in Photoshop (I can automate this and do these in large batches)

      3) I import the resized photos into flash

      4) I create the keyframes etc (3 frames per photo)

      5) The canvas is the exact size of the photo, so the photo fits perfectly (drag and drop)

      6) Save the file once im done with the batch


      Basically, I was wondering if i can do in flash what i am doing in photoshop. Automate the app to select a folder, have Flash import the photo, create the keyframes and place each photo in the frame...repeat until all photos are done.

      Is this possible?


      Thanks in advance,