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    Word style overriding ID styles

    Clark Kenyon Level 1

      I've always used Jamie McKey's method for preparing text in Word prior to placing in InDesign. It worked flawlessly with CS 3. Now with CS 5, every time I place a Word document, the default Word font (Times New Roman) overrides my ID styles. In the Import Options I have "Preserve styles and formatting from text and tables" selected, and "Import styles automatically" and "Use InDesign style definition". I have to select the entire placed text in ID and click "Clear overrides" to get my ID styles back. Why is ID letting Word’s TNR override my styles?


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          Clark Kenyon Level 1

          I tried saving the Word file as .rtf and that seemed to import properly. I see others are having trouble with overrides when importing Word files to CS 5, mostly with hyphenation and character direction. Must be some bug in CS 5.

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            keithconover Level 1

            I am having similar problems.


            I want a solid workflow where I can


            1. Create academic-ish documents in Word 2010, using the EndNote addin to Word to provide references, using the standard medical style, where the references are at the end as endnotes in order of citation, and the reference calls are superscript numbers, then


            2. Place the Word file into InDesign CS5 for formatting.


            I have carefully set up Word paragraph and character styles, including using styles for italic and bold rather than using the standard Word italic and bold, and set up mapping of imported styles so there are matcing Word and InDesign style names.


            However, my Word styles keep overriding my InDesign styles withe lots of overrides.


            I did use Styles rather than standard bold and italic, so that once in InDesign, I can then quintuple-click the text file to select the whole thing and then clear all overrides in the text file at once. I even in Word 2010 did the File > Options > Customize Ribbon > Customize Keyboard and changed control-b and control-i to format with the character styles rather than Word's bultin bold and italic, making it easy to use this as I'm typing.


            This works great, and probably would be great for others, except... EndNote, when it inserts the reference calls, insists on using Word's superscript and not a style. So all of my superscripted reference calls get de-superscripted when I clear all overrides in the entire file.


            If anyone has a suggestion - other than manually changing all reference calls to a style, which will be very tedious and painful, and I'm likely to miss a lot of them - please let me know.


            At first I thought this might be related to the fact that some of the bultin Word 2010 styles are fixed as BOTH paragraph and (hidden) character styles. But even paragraph styles that are not linked like this still leak through.


            Otherwise I guess I'm stuck until InDesign is fixed to prevent the Word styles as well as local overrides leaking through.

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              keithconover Level 1

              I guess I should mention that I was using the old Word format, .doc.


              I did try saving as a Word 2010 document (*.docx), which looked just the same in Word, and import that, and it seemed to work somewhat better, but some weird things crept in. My FirstPara paragraph style in InDesign had a two-line drop cap, which got changed to three lines, rising above the text a line. And after every superscripted reference call, the text stayed superscript and never went back to normal.


              I tried saving as RTF and placing that. Same problem with nothing ever returning from superscript to regular text. And, at least for my FirstPara paragraph style, all of the style attributes from Word crept through.