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    Can we output a 'fixed-layout' (Apple's variety), Enhanced EPUB?


      This is (of course), not a true 'EPUB', but instead Apple's bastardization of the format to allow 'enhanced' illustrated books to be sold in their bookstore.

      But InDesign can produce some terrific interactive output for regular 'flowing' EPUBS for iBookstore/iPads like the work Terry White has demo'd.


      Between the use of Articles for maintaining formatting, and the overlay panel I have to imagine one could produce a nice title with IND that would adhere to Apple's standard, but I've found no reference to it.


      Any help or direction would be greatly appreciated.




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          Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          No, InDesign cannot directly export a Fixed Layout Enhanced EPUB file.


          You could use it as a starting point but you'll have to dig into the EPUB file to set things up the way Apple expects, and muck around with the CSS and XHTML.


          To learn about it, read Liz Castro's EPUB file about the Fixed Layout format, found here:



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            OuttoPlay Level 1

            Thanks Steve,


            I actually own Liz's terrifc guides. The part of the pipeline I was wondering about was could I build the bulk of the layout (with audio and whatever...) in InDesign, and after spitting out the EPUB, use Liz's guilde to the addition tweaks required. I just wonder if her techniques would be relevant to the structure that InDesign creates for me?


            Some of Terry's technique, particularly for implementing animation by first created in InDesign, then piped it out to a FLA project file, then converting it to pure HTML5 code with Walleby then back into INDe with the Overlay panel is very cool.  I'd love to be able to 'pimp my ride' this way (least till Adobe Edge is available), and then, perform post processing surgery ala "Liz Castro" to get a product that can pass validation for theiBookstore.


            Wow, after writing it out... this has to be the most convoluted workflow I think I've ever considered undertaking... Where the Staple's Easy Button when you need it?



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              BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

              The overlay panel is for DPS, not EPUB. Terry's video is a terrific overview but unfortunately there seems to be some confusion between the EPUB and DPS.



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                OuttoPlay Level 1

                Thanks for the reply Bob.  Yeah, I think I'm confused.  As I read about DPS it seems I'm not alone in being confused. Part service, part software, expensive, yet touted to the entire digital publishing communit as if it were an option for all, budget notwithstanding.


                So to clear things up, here's what I thought/think/hope... and maybe someone can illuminate where I'm right/wrong/close...


                On the topic of using InDesign for (Apple's Variety) of EPUB creation specifically for the iBookstore:

                     - I can create an EUB layout in Indesign, with full page (bleed), images, and add text frames on top of the background.

                     - I can embed fonts (as long as I have the rights), into the doc.

                     - This type of layout will not be reflowable, but is zoomable.

                     - (I though) I could include simple HTML5 animation for elements such as a buttun to trigger 'Read Along' type function. Maybe simple object translation
                        or opacity changes.

                     - To make this work as a 'Fixed Layout' I would need to utilize the techniques offered in Liz Castro's miniguide on FIxed Layout on the extracted EPUB
                        once it was generated by INDe. 

                     - At this point hopefully... it would pass muster for upload via itunes Producer.


                On the topic of DPS: (these are more questions than understandings. But clearly I've missed a few salient points)

                     - DPS is not for creating Illustrated books, 'fixed layout books' or picture books (EPUBs), that I can then upload and sell though my own iTunes
                       Developer account.

                     - DPS seems to be for larger publishing concerns (aka companies with plenty of $$$), that are creating digital magazines.  I'm not sure how the final
                       product is accessed. if it is a EPUB file or if the product is sold through DPS.


                I'm sure there is more that I'm leaving out, but hopefullly some helpful input on these notions will help others and myself wrangle the task of producing iBookstore ready product with Indesign and potentially, DPS.




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                  RorohikoKris Level 2

                  Hi OttoPlay,


                  I've been building a script to automate a lot of the FL EPUB creation:




                  Check it out; it's very configurable (it combines XHTML/CSS templates with the InDesign layout/content info to generate a FL EPUB).





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                    RandyR139 Level 1

                    the latest version of InDesign CC can outout to e-Pub with some interactivity.