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    CS5 Prem Pro odd behavior with windows volume control

    cjacs987654 Level 1

      Hi All,


      Odd thing happening on my windows 7 ultimate - 64 bit with quad core i7 - 16 gb memory.


      When i have premiero pro running (cs5), I click on the volum icon on the taskbar and adjust the volume. When I click back onto the PPro window

      I get an hourglass and cannot do anything for a while. Sometimes 10 seconds but it has been up to a minute. IF i click again anywhere on the

      prem pro window, the window goes grey and the window title changes to not responding.


      Eventually it come back into action, but this is very annoying and slows me down.


      Anyone had this behavior ? I recall cs4 being ok on this same machine


      No other programs are running at the same time


      Appreciate any help




      Chris Anderson