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    Suddenly - attrocious performance - HELP!


      I was editing a multicamera interview yesterday: three cameras, approximately 45 minutes on the timeline of the first sequence.  Source material is AVCHD and h.264.  Some simple color grading applied to source clips, all the effects used are MPE compliant.  Everything was working well.  In my nested sequence, with multicamera enabled, performance was great.


      All of a sudden today things have ground to a halt.  I hit the spacebar in the second sequence and there is a 20 second delay before the sequence begins to play.  I can move the play head around on the timeline, but there is no scrubbing of video or audio.  Things are sluggish in the first sequence, but not as bad.  The line above my sequence is yellow on both sequences, but I'm also periodically having to wait for rendering (?why would it need to render anything if the bar/line is yellow? ) which I was not experiencing yesterday.  I have not changed a thing in my settings or on my computer.

      The basics of my system are:

      2009 Mac Pro, 8-core.

      16GB RAM

      NVIDIA Quadro 4000.


      No other applications are open.  I have the RAM allocated to other apps set to a minimum.  I have restarted Premiere and rebooted the system, no change.


      I can not possibly work this way.  I'll have to ditch the system if I can not get this worked out.  PLEASE HELP, ANY SUGGESTIONS WILL BE APPRECIATED.

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          Stevedocmaker Level 1

          I found a partial workaround on Creative Cow, but I think this is a bug in the multicam feature.


          First, I deleted all the unnecessary audio tracks in the original sequence (I only need one, of course).  Then I turned off the audio for this track, copied the track, and pasted it in the nested sequence.  Performance is back up to snuff, except that I am still getting occasional delays from PP "rendering required files."


          It's my understanding that this should not be happening.  The yellow bar does not turn green after the render, there's no obvious reason why anything needs to render at all.  The original sequence plays just fine on it's own with all the tracks on, even the audio that I was able to delete.  Once the edits are made in the nested sequence from the multitrack window, it should just be referencing the original sequence, turning on and off video tracks.  Seems like no big deal in terms of processing power.  And it doesn't look like the effects are causing the render, as these are GPU things and the original sequence plays all three tracks smoothly effects and all,


          And lastly, why would I have no problems at all when I edited these sequences in the first session, then have all sorts of issues when the project was opened at a later date.  BUGS!


          Steve Keller

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            Todd_Kopriva Level 8

            If you think that you've encountered a bug, please submit a bug report.

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              Pharther Phurther Level 1

              This is one of the problems I have had with my 12 Core Mac Pro that I never had the chance to report yet.