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    A fantasy editor request: Condensing {}

    GoodNewsJim Level 1

      I think for any set of matching {}, you should be able to click on them and condense them.

      I think you should be able to type a label for it.



      I like to write proceedural code, and the ability to give a nest of code a nickname would be nice.


      What I'm doing now:

      I'm writing Object Oriented Code in order to get a similar organization of code.    


      Further explaination:



      var i:int;





      Then you condense it with a label to:

      {"trace loop 10"}


      You might not see how this organizes code with that example.  But when you're condensing 100+ lines of code, the organization would pile up really fast.  My code would look really clean.  Instead of using "search and replace" to find keywords of where my code was, I could simply look through all the labels and rapidly expand/shrink them.  I think search/replace should still find text inside these condensed {}, and there should be a button to "condense all"