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    FAQ: Why does audio or video not go to the track where I drop it?

    Todd_Kopriva Level 8

      Premiere Pro CS6, and later


      Some users have trouble dragging a clip into the Timeline. One of two things can happen:

      1. Only the video or audio portion of the clip appears in the Timeline after dragging, or when you try to drag a clip into the Timeline.
        • If that is your issue, see Solution 1.
      2. After importing media into Premiere Pro, only the video portion is imported. No audio is present in the clip when loading it into the Source Monitor.
        • Even though tracks are patched correctly as in Solution 1, audio does not playback and audio waveforms do not appear in the the Timeline. Audio for clips do not play back in the Source Monitor.
        • If that is your issue, See Solution 2.


      Solution 1

      • Make sure source audio and video is patched in the Timeline.
        1. Patching is indicated when blue boxes appear in the V1 and A1 tracks that say ""V1" and "A1"
        2. These boxes indicate that audio and video are patched to these tracks.
        3. The boxes should appear automatically after selecting the clip in the Project panel or in the Source Monitor.
        4. After the boxes appear, then drag the clip to the Timeline.




      • In increasing cases, Source Patches (the blue boxes on the left) are not appearing after selecting a clip. If so, something is amiss with the audio.
        1. Audio may not be detected in your clip
        2. Audio may be corrupt in your clip
        3. Audio may be mixed (sometimes referred to as "muxed") with another track, and is therefore not detected.
          1. This most often happens to those recording talking head audio and a second audio track (gameplay, software audio, etc.) at the same time.
        4. The clip was recorded with a variable frame rate
        5. To troubleshoot, try transcoding and/or demuxing the clip. There are free programs on the internet that can assist you with this task. Handbrake is an application that is commonly used.


      Solution 2

      In Premiere Pro, after updating a project file from one major version to another, audio is not imported:

      • You need to do the following:
        • Delete media cache
        • Rename media folders
        • Relink offline media
        • Reimport clips, if necessary