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    Jerky stuttering previews in Premiere & Encore 5.5

    stevelyles Level 1

      Hello I upgraded to 5.5 a while back and have been having pretty constant jerky playback issues from Premiere pro and Encore...I was previously running CS5 with no issues at all....this occurs with any type of media......avi...mov...rendered or non rendered..... this was a clean install ...no CS5....sequence settings all good...any help would be much appreciated....my system is

      Win 7 pro

      Core i7 2.6

      Nvidia Quadro 3800 video card

      24gb ddr3 1333 ram

      300gb velociraptor main drive

      4 x 1TB cavair blacks divided up for all of my assets


      ps...rendered output on bluray or dvd is fine just the preview is affected