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    Letters 'messed up' when InDesign CS4 file is exported to PDF - how to solve?

    H van der Laan

      I hope somebody has had this problem before and knows how to solve.


      Situation: Indesign CS4.

      Book file, with 130 linked documents. Everything is ready to go to Press.

      I exported the book to PDF. Once I opened the PDF, in some of the rows on the text, all letters are 'messed up'!- see screenshots below.

      Very strange, since I made several other PDF-exports (up to 20) in the days before - and everything went fine before.


      Does anybody know how to solve this problem?

      Has it maybe something to do between 'Press quality' and 'Print quality' settings?


      The problem seems somehow related to the font, since everything else is just fine.


      NOTE: the sentences below you cannot read are NOT made that way by me ;-), to prevent it from being able to read it. This is how it comes out the PDF.