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    FrameMaker -> RH X5, filename question

    John BW

      I've just upgraded to RoboHelp Office X5 (OK, so i've been a little busy for a couple years). I've been testing the FrameMaker MIF import feature, since we use this a lot. I've noticed several changes, but the only one that is causing me problems is that the naming rules for the resulting HTM files seem to be different. In the past, with RH 2002, the HTM files were named the same as the headings that were used to split up the FrameMaker document into individual HTM files. In other words:
      This topic -> This_topic.htm
      Another topic (next) -> Another_topic_(next).htm
      That topic-following -> That_topic_-_following.htm

      It seems that the X5 FrameMaker import filter uses a different set of rules when creating the HTM file names. It appears to remove dashes and parentheses:
      This topic -> This_topic.htm
      Another topic (next) -> Another_topic_next.htm
      That topic-following -> That_topic_following.htm

      1. Are the X5 rules for naming the HTM files after import stated anywhere?

      2. Is there any way to make the X5 import process leave the dashes and parentheses in the HTM file names? We need them because we do some post processing based on the original topic title; and we have a read-only ALI (alias) file that is also based on the original topic titles.

      Tools/Options, General Tab, "Use underscores in file names" doesn't seem to have any impact on the import process - X5 replaces all the spaces with underscores anyway.

      John B.