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    Issues with BlackMagic DeckLink HD Extreme

    Wesley Blokker


      We recently switched from Final Cut Pro 7 to Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.5 and of course, as you would with any software change, we run into some issues.

      For most we find a nice workaround but for this one I can't. And it's bothering me a lot.

      First, my system specs (possibly relevant):

      Model: MacPro 4.1

      Processor: Quad-Core Intel Xeon 2,26 GHz

      Memory: 12 GB DDR3

      Video: ATI Radeon HD 4870 512 MB

      Video 2: BlackMagic Decklink HD Extreme (SDI out)

      The ATI card is connected to two displays, the BlackMagic card to two external reference monitors.

      In Premiere Pro I'm working with Sony XDCam EX material shot in 1080p25.

      What I'd like to do is make a sequence that runs the native codec.

      There are some presets in Adobe that allow me to do so, however, if I chose one of them I can't have playback over my reference monitors.

      So, as someone suggested in an older post of mine, I can pick one from BlackMagic's presets.

      I did and, back then, that worked fine for a while. But that was because I was working on an animation film then. Different codecs different formats.

      But now I have several issues with this codec.

      1. The playback happens in an MPEG compression that is truly TERRIBLE. My customers expect high end results, I don't want to explain to everyone one of them "no no no, the Jitter is a preview only problem".
      2. Working with that 1080p25 XDCam EX material I have to work in an Upperfields first sequence. Why? I don't know, it's the only way my timeline would actually play and preview over the external monitors. 'Well you've got a work around, don't you?' No, because now I can actually preview my canvas but I can't preview my viewer.

      So, what I'd like in short is;

      Work in a native codec.

      Preview both my canvas and viewer over my blackmagic card.

      Preview in a nice compression.

      Does this mean I actually have to go back to Final Cut Pro, where you can set you preview regardless of your timeline...?

      I surely hope not. Please help.