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    Problems using new footage


      Hello everyone.


      I ran into rather annoying problem with AE CS4 today. I have been shooting and editing this short film of mine for couple of months now and haven't met any problems, but now all of a sudden After Effects gets cranky when I try to use footage shot yesterday. I can import clips, but when I put them on composition most of them simply do not work. Some of them have strange black bar on bottom, cannot be previewed as the whole composition turns green when I try to do so and often AE goes into "does not respond" state. I doubt the files are corrupted, as I can view them just fine in media player and Premiere (no green frames or black bars there), so I guess it's After Effects. No new updates were avaible and haven't had much luck googleing around as the word "green" seems to be gigantic magnet for greenscreen related problems.


      I can use older footage just fine and new ones have been shot with the same camera with same settings. MP4 videos, never had problems with them before. I just shot couple of short clips as the problem occurred to see if it is camera-related, but those clips worked just fine.




      Most appear like that when I drag them into composition. That black bar should not be there and cannot be seen on media player or such.




      And as I move forward in timeline (just frame or two in this one) it all turns green.


      I even tried rendering one of the clips and interestingly enough the result was mostly green with few seconds of original footage in the end.


      I could really use some help here. Any ideas?