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    Spring clean: re-installing everything I need, and nothing else

    Jeremy bowmangraphics Level 2



      I wonder if anyone can advise me on order of installing Creative Suite applications? I currently have all of CS4, all of CS5, and all of the CS5.5 Creative Suite applications installed. It's cluttered and I don't like it. And I'd like to have CS3 back, but know I can't do it in the wrong order.


      I'm thinking of doing a big renewal my Mac by doing a clean re-install of Snow Leopard, then installing the following applications in the following order:


      1. InDesign CS3 (but not the rest of the applications in the Suite)

      2. InDesign CS4 (but not the rest of the applications in the Suite)

      3. All applications of CS5.5 Creative Suite.


      Does this sound like a bad idea? I never use the earlier versions of Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Photoshop etc. but I need different versions of InDesign to deal with various clients, saving down, etc..


      Any advice would be much appreciated -- Jeremy