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    External Styles not all working


      I have a <s:RichEditableText> area and within this I have several <s:span> tags with styleNames to them but these do not seem to be picking up the external styles, I have to codem them inline to beable to work which defeats the object.


      any ideas whats going on.


      <s:RichEditableText id="mycontent">



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          s_davies Level 1

          before my computer went funny and posted it half doen heres the code It was meant to display:


          <s:RichEditableText id="myid">

               <s:p> text goes in here etc

                    <s:br /><s:br />

                   <s:span styleName="mystyle name">Sub Title here</s:span>

                   <s:br /><s:br />

                     more text here etc




          The bold area does not use the styles, then then if i do '<s:span s fontWeight="bold" ....' then its ok


          Thanks Si