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    Binding delay in s:dropDownLists


      I'm trying to update content when s:DropDownLists are changed. I need to load in images and selected indexis when it is changed, and actually change the content in the dropdowns.


      Basically, I'm trying to allow a comparison between items, and so two drop downs show the same list minus the item selected in the other list. Each new selection calls for a rebuild of the lists. Then, there's a third drop down to specify what exactly to compare that also needs to be rebuilt for whichever items are selected, since the content available for comparison difers.


      But, when I try to get a selected index, it breaks because the bindings haven't run through yet. I'm just using a binding expression for the source arrays so that it is easier to manipulate the source of the dropDowns.


      My question: is there an event that will tell me when the content has changed in a dropDown? It is guaranteed that the dropdowns will be changed, although the comparing item drop down might be repopulated with the same material (there are a few with the same items to compare). This is a time-critical issue. Please help. I have scoured the documentation and found nothing to help here.


      If it would help to see some code, I would be happy to include some.