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    Spell Check/Preflight not working


      My spell check is not working nor is my preflight. I've reinstalled the program twice. It didn't help. I checked the language and it says English: USA is selected.


      PS - Why did my Indesign files disappear when I uninstalled/reinstalled the program? It should not have taken my files with it should it have?

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          BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          Where did you check the language. Prefs don't matter.


          It has to be assigned as part of the paragraph style or in the character panel.



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            Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

            What "doesn't work" in spell check and preflight?What version of ID, including patch level, and waht OS.


            Where were your files saved? Tha application should not remove any files not in the application's own folders when you uninstall (with the exception of prefs).

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              Dayton4461 Level 1

              I will purposely spell a few words wrong and they don't correct and they don't underline like in Pages.

              I've checked on the Spelling from the drop down menu and it says auto correct is checked. I've gone to Indesign > Preferences > Autocorrect, which shows it's on and the language is English: USA. I even added a misspelled word into the Autocorrect dictionary with the correct spelling, and it still didn't fix or highlight the misspelled word in the Indesign file.

              I've also tried going to Spelling from Preferences and it shows Enable Dynamic Spelling is checked.


              I just tried to change the language in a test file under the Paragraph Styles box to English: USA Legal instead. This seems to have made a difference. Which setting is supposed to be the correct setting, English: USA or English: USA Legal? Doesn't seem like there should be a difference? Is this the answer?


              INDESIGN: I've got the CS5 version and I just updated it today (7/18/11). As far as what OS, the cd says it's MAC OS. Preflight is checked as On, but the dot that's supposed to be green showing that it's on in the lower left corner of the screen is gray, but reads Checking after it.


              As far as loosing the files when I uninstalled, I'm not 100% sure if I had already deleted the Indesign files since I have them on a back external drive. I didn't loose my Photoshop files, so maybe that's not a problem?? I'd just be happy to get the spell check and preflight straightened out.


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                Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                I would think that you would want to use the regular English: USA dictionary. When you highlight this text, what shows for language in the CHARACTER panel?That's the language that ID is using for spell check and hyphenation. If it says No Language, ID isn't checking. How badly misspelled are the words? is it possible they are legitimate alternates? The US dictionary, for example does not, I think, flag words like colour or flavour which are correct British spellings. You might need to add them to the auto-correct list.


                It's also possible your prefs are corrupt. Reinstalling won't replace the prefs unless you specify to remove them when you uninstall, so you might want to try:

                Replace Your Preferences


                Same may be true for Preflight, or it may really just be doing the initial run-through. that can take a while on a long doc.

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                  Dayton4461 Level 1

                  There was nothing showing in the Character Panel, when I put English: USA in, it didn't highlight the misspelled words. I did have English: USA Legal in the Paragraph Panel though. Now, I've tried doing other test sentences (Example: going on a tripe todey goingew) with using USA and with USA Legal and both are underlining the wrong words. Isn't there a way to have InD correct misspelled words (like Pages does) automatically? I'm thinking that's what Autocorrect is for. Am I wrong?


                  Messing around with the Preferences scares me. I may try it as a last resort.

                  The Preflight grayed out dot appears in all of my InD files regardless of the size of the doc.

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                    Dayton4461 Level 1

                    Another dumb question, When I installed the CS5 programs I only installed the Design Premium cd, not the  cd titled, "For use with Design Premium or Web Premium." Would this be part of my problems? Just a thought.

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                      Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                      OK, tripe is a real English word. The other two should pop up with spell check or dynamic spelling, but they won't auto-correct unless you add them to the list.


                      Setting a language as part of a paragraph style does not guarantee that the language is not overridden locally or as part of a style, so if there's a word that is not being caught you should check to see waht language is assigned.


                      Replacing your prefs is not a complex operation and poses no danger other thanthe loss of some customizations of settings, which which are generally easy to reset. If your prefs are corrupt, and it happens, replacing them is the only viable action.


                      The second CD is probably either training materials or extra content, but is not required for installation or to run applications.

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                        Dayton4461 Level 1

                        1.) I've found the ID Defaults and Saved Data per your instructions in my Hard Drive files. After  for Language. Is this alright?

                        2.) Do I just Copy or Duplicate the 2 files?

                        3.) And where do I "safely save them to," the desktop?

                        4.) Do I rename them AFTER moving them? Don't want to screw this up, think detailed baby step instructions.

                        5.) Once I've copied them elsewhere, I then go back and delete them from the Hard Drive file, correct?

                        6.) Then, I restart InDesign but not the computer altogether?

                        7.) When you talk about losing Document and Print Presets, "customizations," if I haven't made any customizations, do I still have to back these up? I've only done 2 projects in InDesign as I've only had the program for a few months.

                        8.) I don't know where to find " "Define" dialogs for printer and document presets and custom stroke styles."

                        9.) The PDF presets, if I've not done anything with them up to now, do I have to back them up too?

                        10.) Where do you suggest to safely save the 2 InD files when I've hopefully fixed the problem? You talk of a free script from In-Tools>> Preference Manager Script for CS4, what about for CS5?


                        Sorry for all the questions, but thanks for the help!

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                          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                          1) Yes


                          2) Is there a differnce between copy and duplicate? Matters not how you do it, you just want a second set someplace safe.


                          3) This is a manual operation. You do whatever you would do to move files to a new location -- drag and drop, move to folder and paste, etc.


                          4) It doesn't really matter if you copy and move before or after renaming, as long as you do it before you restart ID and lose the originals (well, if you rename, you don't actually have to copy since they become, in essence, a backup copy, but the point to doing the copy operation is to do it on a known good set and store it away for the future, kind of like having a spare tire in your car in event of getting a flat).


                          5) If you've renamed them, and have a copy in some other folder, you can delete them, but it isn't required. They won't hurt anything to stay where they are for the moment. If your problem doesn't go away when you restart, you cna go back and delete the new set and name the old ones back to do a fast return to the previous customization. If it does fix your problems, though, you want to delete the old set, and any copies, so you don't accidentally reuse a bad set.


                          6) Yes.


                          7) No. But even editing the various panels inthe Prefs dialog counst as customizations that will be lost, so if you've made changes to units or increments or something like that, it's easier to work from a cbacked up set than to remember all the tings you need to change each time. If you haven't made print or document presets yet, don't worry about them, but making them will save you alot of time in the future -- a print preset, for example, is a one-click custom setup of the Print dialog. More than one printer, landcape or protrait, letter or tabloid...? all of those things can be set in preset so you don't need to run through the dialog each time.


                          8) For printer and document presets, the Define dialogs are under File > (TYpe of Preset) > Define..., Custom stroke styles are in the Stroke panel flyout menu: Stroke Styles. If you haven't deined anything already you have nothing to back up (and if you don't know where to look, you probably haven't been there to define something).


                          9) PDF presets do not need to be backed up separately to save them from loss during prefs replacement. They are stored outside the ID prefs folders because they are used by multiple applications.


                          10) Save the backup set in a location of your choice. You can make a folder someplace convenient (can even be a subfolder of the current location) and name it Backup prefs so you'll know what it is, or even just save the copy (with "copy" appeneded to the name) right next to the original. As long as you don't have two identically named files in the same folder there's no problem. I keep my copies in the same folder as the original so I don't have to go searching for them and navigate back and forth from folder to folder. I also keep a backup of everythign on an external drive, just in case of drive failure, but that's a different topic.


                          I don't know if Harbs has updated the script for CS5, but if not, it may run as-is, or you can put it in subfolder in the scripts folder named "Version 6.0 Scripts" (without the quotation marks) and it will probably run fine.

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                            Dayton4461 Level 1

                            I just tried to restart InDesign without the 2 files and a panel opened in front of the InDesign panel once the program loaded that is titled: Sample Buttons. There are 52 choices. Do you have any idea what this is and what I should do with it?


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                              Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                              It's the Sample Buttons panel, and it's part of one of the default workspaces. Just close it. It will probably plague you forever in the open recent list unless you swithc to another workspace.

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                                Dayton4461 Level 1

                                I've finished taking care of renaming a copy of the good files and trashing the old ones because . . .

                                IT WORKED!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                I now have the Preflight working!! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU PETER!!! I truly appreciate your patience with all my questions!