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    Premiere hanging up

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      I've just begun prep for a high-def project (1920x1080) with eight hours-worth of footage. Lots of high-def clips. The first step for me was to create time-code window DVDs for transcribing. I split the main interview into 5 timelines, each containing approx. 1 hour to 1.5 hours of footage. I then added the time-code effect to each clip. It all worked fine, but as I scrubbed along each timeline, Premiere would frequently hang up, meaning it would pause for a while  - not allowing me to do anything, then after a while I'd get control back. I'm wondering if this is just a function of my having too much HD footage on one timeline? I currently have three 1 TB drives, set up as independent drives. The Premiere software is on one; the project file and clips are on another, and the scratch folders are on the third. I'm on Windows 7, using an i7 960 and 12 GB of RAM. When I create the final edit, I do plan on cutting up the program into shorter segments on separate timelines - hoping this will solve the problem. Any thoughts on what may be causing the software to pause? Thanks.