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    I'm no longer able to successfully import SWFs into AE

    storm*mike Level 1

      Hi and apologies for the NOOB question. I've been searching for hours for information on this situation but have had no luck.


      I've been using AE CS5 since last year, primarily to convert SWFs into high quality MOVs. Everything was working fine until bbout 3 weeks ago. Since thenm whenever I import a SWF, it displays  in the Project area as a 72px black box without any data regarding dimensions or file size.


      I can open older files and everything displays fine, but if I try to import a SWF (or even one that worked before), it shows up as the 72px black square.


      I'm guessing that it may have been an inadvertant upgrade of some sort that caused this, but have no idea how to solve it. I'm running AE on a MacBook Pro (Intel Core 2 Duo) running OS 10.6.8.


      If anyone can help me resolve this problem, I'd greatly appreciate it.