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    Android Flash 5.5 debug not working


      Just purchased Droid Charge. Trying to use it with Flash 5.5 on Windows 7 to debug an application.

      • Computer recognizes phone USB connection (so I can transfer files...) - (Menu/Settings/USB settings/Mass storage enabled)
      • I have USB debugging (Menu/Settings/Applications/Development) feature on the phone enabled
      • I have Unknown Sources (Menu/Settings/Applications) feature on the phone enabled

      When I Publish from Flash 5.5 I get the following message:

      Could not find an Android device to connect to. Please ensure that you have the phone connected,

      the correct drivers installed, and the phone has USB device debugging enabled.


      What am I missing? Do I need to install driver on phone? If so, which one and where to get it?

      Thanks in advance.