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    HELP!!!!   Problems loading Flex 3.6 module into a Flex 4 app

    SPGAnne Level 1

      I thought the transition from Flex 3.6 to Flex 4.5.1 would be hard, but it's even worse than I anticipated.  I'm still struggling with getting styles and fonts to work with a mix of spark and mx controls, and now a bunch of modules I wrote in Flex 3.6 won't load.  I am getting this:


      Error: Compatibility version has already been read


      In the Flex app that does the module loading, I have compiled with the 4.5.1 sdk in FlashBuilder with these 2 compiler options :



      I thought the Marshall Support was what I needed, but no dice...I still get the error.


      I tried going back to my modules (which are in a separate project and setting them to compile with sdk 4.5.1 and I get all kinds of errors like it no longer knows about the direction attribute in mx.charts.GridLines, and it can't handle paddingBottom on components that extend Canvas (even though I am compiling the modules with the -theme=$[flexlib}/themes/Halo/halo.swc) I feel like I'm pulling on an a piece of string in an ENORMOUS ball of yarn.  I'm on a tight deadline.  I'm thinking I need to totally abandon the 4.5.1 sdk and go back to 3.6 which was working just fine.


      Any suggestions?!?!?