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    setting background image from file during runtime


      So I have one more issue to resolve and my migration to 11.5 will be complete.  In previous iteration, the project was able to set the background image from an external file dynamically during runtime.


      After the migration it seems like the projector retains the canonical path of the member image and looks for it there. In other words, the projector loads, but a file finder opens, saying it can't find the background image in the path of the director source machine.  Setting the filename in lingo doesn't stop this behavior from happening.

      I tried re-importing the image as "link to external file" (which had the same results) and as standard import (which doesn't load the file at runtime, even if I set the filename in lingo).


      Does anyone know how I can do this, set the background image from a file during runtime?


      Thanks in advance!