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    Adding new items to existing carousel causes sequence to restart


      Hello. My company recently contracted an outside web developer to create our new website. I have some experience with Flash, but not beyond basic timeline controls. I've been given the task to update the flash element that has a horizontal carousel. Inside, there's three series, each with 6 buttons. The controls are a left and right arrow button on either side. I added a new button into the series and moved each of the series so they no longer ovrlapped.The carousel should just rotate through continuously, but it returns to the start after 6 clicks.


      Please let me know if there is any other materials I need to provide.


      Did adding in another button change the positions in the code? If so, what do I need to do to fix it?


      import mx.transitions.Tween; Stage.scaleMode = 'NoScale'; var InitPos = 85; var Temp1,Temp2; //var created:Boolean =false; //aumento ->292 this.onLoad=function(){      container.setMask(ThisMask);      //DUPLICATE_MC();      //setProperty(boton_izq,_visible, false);      //mover(slider_botones_dos,"_x",0,970,1,true); }; this.onEnterFrame=function(){           var posTemp = getProperty(container,_x);           if(posTemp <= (-1667.1)){                setProperty(container,_x,85);                InitPos = 85;           }           if(posTemp >= 1832.1){                setProperty(container,_x,85);                InitPos = 85;           } } boton_izq.onRelease=function(){      Temp = getProperty(container,_x);      //Temp2 = InitPos-292;      InitPos+=292;      mover(container,"_x",Temp,InitPos,1,true);      //if(Temp>=650 && (!Temp<300)){           //setProperty(boton_izq,_visible, false);      //}      //if(Temp<=76){           //setProperty(boton_der,_visible, true);      //}      /*if(Temp < 680){           InitPos+=292;           if(InitPos < 1200){                mover(slider_botones,"_x",Temp,InitPos,1,true);           }      }*/ } boton_der.onRelease=function(){      /*Temp = getProperty(slider_botones,_x);      if(Temp>80){           if(InitPos == 1200){                Temp = 74;           }else{                Temp=InitPos;           }           if(InitPos >= 350){                InitPos-=292;                mover(slider_botones,"_x",Temp,InitPos,1,true);           }      }*/      Temp = getProperty(container,_x);      //Temp2 = InitPos-292;      InitPos-=292;      mover(container,"_x",Temp,InitPos,1,true);      //if(temp<=952){           //setProperty(boton_izq,_visible, true);      //}      //if(Temp<=368){           //setProperty(boton_der,_visible, false);      //} }; /*function DUPLICATE_MC(){      var nextPos = getNextHighestDepth();      //duplicateMovieClip(slider_botones,"slider_botones_dos",nextPos);      slider_botones.createEmptyMovieClip("slider_botones_dos",nextPos);      root["slider_botones_dos"].setMask(ThisMask);      created = true; };*/ function mover(miClip,attr,ini,fin,tiempo,bool){      var miTween:Tween = new Tween(miClip, attr, mx.transitions.easing.Regular.easeOut, ini, fin, tiempo, bool); };