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    Page skip logic question


      On page 3 of my form, I have two consecutive questions. Let's call them Question A and Question B. If the answer to Question A is no, I want to skip from page 10 to page 24. However, if the answer to Question B is no, I want to skip to page 31. How do I get the program to follow these two rules at once?


      The problem is that I land on page 24 no matter what the answer to Question B is. Is there some way to achieve the following command?


      If answer to Q:A is no, skip to page 24 UNLESS the answer to Q:B is no, THEN skip to page 31.

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          RandySwineford Adobe Employee

          Each page break can only have page branching defined using one question. The work around would be to combine Question A and B into a single question - like a single multi-choice question (multiple check boxes). Then the user would just choose the appropriate option and your could build your rule from that.This would hopefully work in your situation but its hard to tell without seeing the form or knowing the actual questions.


          Hope this helps.


          Randy Swineford

          FormsCentral product manager