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    Shockwave parseUrl()

      I'm using the XML Parser.
      It works fine in edit mode and as a projector.

      It does not work when I publish to shockwave.

      I've worked with Director for years, but never did a shock before. So, I'm guessing I'm ignorant of some Shocking Truth (pun intended!!).

      Thanks for any help!!!

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          The XML Parser xtra is a scripting xtra, not an asset xtra, so isn't
          automatically added to your movie's xtraList, much less marked as
          "Download if needed..." - and that last part is crucial as it isn't part
          of the slim installer.

          So: open your Director movie in the authoring environment, open the
          dialog at Modify -> Movie -> Xtras and make sure the xtra is listed (Add
          it if not) and then select it in the list and ensure that the "Download"
          box is checked.
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            Thanks Sean,

            I have done that. I also downloaded a simple XML demo file that does work fine and am trying to see what the differences are.
            1. I've read about the dswMedia directory and am a little confused about that. Does everything go in there or just linked casts, etc?
            2. Is there any other differences between Shock and projectors?

            I know I'm missing something simple.


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              It appears that my initial exit frame where I check for parsing to be complete was not right. The program was moving on before everything was parsed.


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                The solution was to force a synchronous flow in the code.  I had five tables to open, so I had to make sure one was done before the next started and then had to make sure all were open before I did anything with the XML.

                The other key I noticed was that I had to force flags to indicate a handler was done. If I had a flag at the end of a handler, it might not be picked up in the Exit Frame. I actually had to turn the flag off before I ran the handler.

                If anyone needs more info or would like to provide more info, please feel free.


                I am still having trouble in another piece of the program with asynchronous flow. I'm not sure how to force it to flow synchronously (and I'm not sure I understand why I have to).