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    Exporting to DVCPro AJ-SD93 tape deck: no audio, video ok

    Don Fito



      When exporting a sequence to a Panasonic AJ-SD93 deck over firewire there's no audio on the tape after the export, video is there though.


      Sequence settings:

      editing mode: QT DV NTSC

      timebase: 29.97

      audio: 48k


      1 video track

      1 stereo audio track


      Sequence -> Sequence Settings -> Playback Settings... -> Export -> External Device: DV 29.97 720x480i

      Deck is set to record DVCPro.


      I've tried with and without device control, same result, video but no audio on the recorded DVCPro tape.


      On a side note, was surprised by the behavior of the Export to Tape dialog. Typing directly into the "Assemble at timecode" field a value such as "23:58:15;00" results in the field showing "23:58:14;29"


      And the preroll field setting, if I type a value in, actually overrides my "Assemble at timecode" value. So if  a 5 second value is entered into the preroll field, recording on the tape actually starts 5 seconds before the value in the "Assemble" filed.



      CS5.5 trial

      Mac Pro 2,1 - x8 cores

      OS 10.6.6

      8 GB RAM

      ATI X1900 512MB video card


      Any tips appreciated.