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    Moving project from Premiere CS5 to CS5.5 will not work...HELP!

    Micke Win

      Hopefully installed CS5.5 in separate dir and tried to import the CS5 project. Well it opened it very fast but then it had big problems scrubbing the project. It seems to be that CS5.5 dont like some of the *.mov files. Maybe som codec issues? The monitor windows will freeze or showing "media pending" forever. On some *.mov, *.avi and *.mpg files it will allow scrubbing....but very slow. Rendering will not work either when it comes to some problem files, it will stop rendering and ending up with premiere to crash. I tried to create a new empty project in 5.5 and just imported those "problem files" but then it works fine with scrubbing and rendering. There is no problem open the project in CS5.03, everything works perfect there. So what did I do? Yes I backed up my c:drive and formatted it....28 hours later I have installed everything nice and fresh with only CS5.5 version on my drive. Did that work better? NO!!! same problem. After another 15 hours of trial and error I recovered my "God blessed" saved C:disk. As far as I understand this problem seems to be a issue with 5.5 and not my computer setup with codecs etc? If there is anyone out there who can help me?



      Inteli7 975extreme @4.2GHz

      Adaptec 5805 in raid 5

      1x300GB Velociraptor for Win7 ultimate

      4x300GB Velociraptor for scratch disk in raid 5

      Zotac GTX480

      UAD pci card

      Corsair TX 750W supply

      dual 22" monitors