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    problematic Button Sound audio latency occuring in Windows only

    tommybanana1967go Level 1



      we have a music composer game for school children where they click buttons to play short samples in time with a backing track.

      Our .swf file when run on a Mac works fine with no discernible latency.


      When played on a Windows machine ( and also seemingly on Flash via an Android browser) there is a significant latency on pressing the button before hearing the sample which makes the game unplayable. Same .swf file is used. It is something like 2-400 milliseconds delay.


      We have tried using Sound Objects, pre-loading sounds, using action script 1, using wav files, different sample rates of mp3 and different audio settings, plus having silent sound playing etc. Have tried exporting .swf as Flash file versions 5 up to 10. Doesn't make a difference. The latency is audible whether .swf is hosted on a webpage or played direct from a hard disk and has been reproduced on many different PCs. NB Our target users (education) nearly always use Windows XP so I haven't tested it on Vista.


      What is of interest is that we have a very early .swf we had made in 2006. The activity is very similar (play short samples in time with a backing track) but the latency isn't there on a windows machine. The developer of the 2006 file doesn't have the original .fla file but it was probably coded in Flash 4 or 5 and he doesn't remember doing anything fancy so probably just attaching a sound file to a button down state.


      Does anybody else recognise this problem and are there any ways round it?

      I would be very grateful for any assistance.




      Tommy Banana