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    Timecode popup blocks mouse when dragging on timeline

    funkbomb Level 1

      When I'm dragging a clip, a small yellow box appears next to the mouse to tell me the timecode of the clip I'm dragging. However, it's a dead zone for the mouse, meaning if I'm trying to drag the clip to the track below, for example, the move will cancel if I try to release the clip overtop the yellow box.


      "Nickpicking," you might say, except it makes fine control over an edit incredibly difficult when you consider having to avoid a yellow box that pops up unpredictably, and let's be honest, it's the small things that can make an edit easy or tedious. In fact, if you're trying to squeeze a clip down to the track below it, your target area becomes that tiny slice of space between the top of the box and the top of the track layer.


      This is CS5, not CS5.5, on a 2010 Mac Pro.