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    Adobe Reader 10 won't start sometimes


      I rely on Adobe Reader 10 for my little home based business. I'm using Windows 7 and lately, at times, I cant get the reader to open when I click on a file. It MAY have something to do with after I wake the computer up when it went to sleep, but I'm not sure. This morning when it did it, I hot ctrl-alt-delete and found 3 iterations of Adobe Reader running, but it still wouldn't open, and every time I tried, it would open another iteration in memory. I tried deleting it from the computer, then downloading and installing a new version, and it didn't help, until I rebooted, then it worked.


      But I shut the computer off, came back, turned it on, and it's doing it again!


      It's making me crazy because clients need me to check something and I have to tell them that Adobe Reader isn't working and I cant read their file!


      Update 7-22-11:  I hit ctrl-alt-del and went into my task manager when this was happening. There was some kind of Adobe speed launcher tray running and by killing that, Reader 10 would instantly start up. That launch thing doesn't appear to be running normally. Is this a bug in the software? How can I shut off that speed launch tray thing? I have a quad core PC and it doesn't make any difference.