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    Transition treasure box for PrP (soon)

    lasvideo Level 4

      There have been several discussions recently regarding the lack of good transitions for PrP. As a working editor I need a variety of tools just in case that marketing video or music video needs a different kind of transition just to spice things up. The Avid DS excelled at this by using a node structure to allow you to mix and match every filter in the box to create something unique and different when that need arose (i.e. clients asking  for it).


      I spent my share of Google time researching this and all I found was limited and weak (in the sense of programming controls).

      Well, last Friday I stumbled upon a product that I prematurely dismissed many months ago. Boy was I wrong.

      Boris Red will soon release Red 5 for Mac (64 bits). It does many things I dont need since After Effects is my go to motion graphics software. But it does one major thing that I see as an answer to the prayers of editors like me... it allows you to make customized transitions or to use their vast library and alter as needed. It has lots of things from Continuum as well as the AE library know as Final Effects complete. You can stack them, matte them,blend them as you choose.The degree of control rivals that of Sapphire and Avid DS. It renders fast and gives PrP editors more choices when they want it. It should be released soon. I now feel like I have what I need to make just about every client happy. I tend to do more commercial, marketing and corporate communication projects which tend to need a little more glitz then narratives or docs. I feel like I have discovered a real treasure.