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    SWF not playing in browser

    Ed Pepin

      Hello:  I am new to both the  forum and Flash CS5, and I made the mistake of piggy-backing this onto an existing post which described a similar problem, for which I was duly chastised, so I'm starting a new thread here. I apologize for my failure to follow proper protocol.


      Essentially, the swf I created in Flash CS5 plays perfectly in the player.  It plays perfectly in Dreamweaver CS5 when I press the "play" button.  Whether I choose play movie or play scene, everything works.   When I export the file to the Dreamweaver page (insert>media>SWF)  the gray box appears on the page and when I save the page, all the  files get uploaded.  A "Script" directory is created under the root,  with 2 files, and the .SWF file is in the root directory as well.  The  settings in Dreamweaver are all standard and there is nothing large or  weird about the SWF itself.  Essentially, it's a rotating graphic.  Very  basic.  But when I open the web page, nothing appears. (Using  Firefox).  Even when I switch to IE, the page opens, but the SWF does  not play.  I've Googled every web site forum that addresses this issue  and I can find nothing to make this work.  When I "publish", I  understand an .HTML file is created that should be put into the root of  the server.  Originally I couldn't find where the html file was put, but after closing all the windows, I found it on the desktop.  I uploaded it to the root as well.  Everything seems to be where it's supposed to be, yet when I go to the site, all I get is a gray box.  I can right click the box and get the flash player control panel, but nothing else.  I have followed all the suggestions posted and nothing makes it work.  Obviously I'm missing something, but am clueless to determine what.


      When I open my web  site, instead of just displaying the title "Home Page", it says Home  Page - Flash Player Installation - Index.html.


      I just  upgraded to Adobe Flash, Photoshop, Dreamweaver CS5 after years with  Dreamweaver MX and Photoshop CS2.  I've never had Flash Pro at all.


      Can  someone please tell me what I'm missing or doing wrong?  Thank you.

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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          If you consider the advice I offered as being chastised, I don't know what to say... it was offered in a helpful manner, and you apparently chose to ignore it.


          As for your issue,




          What do you see when you look at the page linked above?  That is the page you said you published with Flash, which I indicated in the other posting is what you should be using for your embedding code instead if trying to let Dreamweaver do it.  So if you see what you hope to see, copy the code from that page into your other page in place of the code that Dreamweaver created.

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            Ed Pepin Level 1

            Okay, after several tries of embedding the code for open.html to my

            index.html, it finally worked.  I had to figure out what code went into the

            body and what went into the head, but it finally plays, although, frankly,

            If these are all current Adobe programs; all the same version; all part of

            the same suite, why wouldn't Dreamweaver just do it as all the tutorials

            I've read say it will?  Does this mean I have to manually transfer code

            everything I make something in Flash?  The only other issue is the gray box

            is gone from my index.html page in Dreamweaver.  It plays in the browser,

            and I can edit the code in code view in Dreamweaver (looping or autoplay),

            but there is no box in design view like there was before.  Is that normal?

            Did I not copy something over correctly?  The first time I did it it I got

            this error message:


            This document contains the following JavaScript code for some SWF objects

            that no longer exist.  If you don't remove the code, the browser might

            display JavaScript errors when loading the page.  Would you like Dreamweaver

            to find all instances of this code for you:




            I have no idea what that means.  Thanks for the help.

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              relaxatraja Level 5

              Use swfobject to embed your flash, for a detailed tutorial on this follow below:



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                Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                I can't answer for the Adobe product suites and the mismatching of processing they impose across different programs.  I only know that if you want reliable embedding code that is generated automatically, it is safest to go with the code that Flash produces.  I do this all the time and do not have an issue with the small amount of time it takes... copy and paste a couple bits of code and it's done.