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    Poor text rendering for times fonts


      On my computer Adobe Reader renders times fonts ( Times, Times New Roman, Nimbus Roman No9 L) poorly.  See the image below : several lines in letters are weak compared to the surrounding, like written with dry ink, espeicially the letter "s".


      The next image is times fonts rendered by other PDF software


      The odd thing is that when I revert the graphics driver back to the default one brought by the system, the problem vanishes. But the rendering of other things becomes dismal and no games can be played, so that is obviously not a solution.


      I'm using Adobe Reader 10.1 on Windows 7 running on a laptop (specifically Lenova IdeaPad Y450A), the option Smooth Text is For Laptop/LCD screens, the graphics driver are NVIDIA 275.50.


      Does anyone have any idea about the cause of this problem and the solution? Thanks in advance.