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    unable to convert pm 6.5 to pdf


      I bought PM 6.5 Plus in 2000 and used it to produce a book on my computer running Windows Me.


      Now I just want to convert a few chapters of a new book to pdf and when I do the file> export > pdf it says it cannot register the plugin.

      I reinstalled Distiller 4 but I still get the same window.


      What am I doing wrong?  Does either of the CD's have to be in the drive?


      Thank you



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          BigJohnD Level 3

          If my memory is still functioning, you should hve everything needed to make PDFs.


          You could try creating a *.PS file from your PM publication, and distilling that, but if you've been using WinME (definitely not one of MS's best) continuously for over a decade, then seriously considering saving your data, formatting the C hard disk and re-installing everything afresh.