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    How to open PDF file in new window as default


      I have .pdf documents into which I have inserted links to other .pdf documents using pdfEdit995

      (I am a 77-year-old pensioner recording monumental inscriptions, not very computer literate and not able to afford expensive applications !)


      The links in the temp.ps file (which pdf995 creates first) look like :-




      [ /Rect [85 225 107 228]

      /Border [ 0 0 0 ]

      /Action /Launch /File (.\\Another Folder\\TARGET FILE.PDF)

      /Subtype /Link

      /ANN pdfmark




      The links work fine, but open in the same window, which is annoying as it is then neccessry to re-open the original document, scroll down to the required page and find the next link.


      pdf995 support say that perhaps Adobe reader can be set to open in a new window, but I want this to be the default when I circulate my file to interested people, so would prefer to modify the links.


      Can anyone help with a smple solution ? (I also believe in Santa Claus !)


      System: Vista; Reader X 10.1.0