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    Script to replace text with an anchored text box object



      I currently do a number of posters for rail/train stations, which require a bit of editing post data important.



      After fixing one or two other issues, the biggest issue now is with the changing of the text ‘PlusBus’. On import, see below, the text ‘PlusBus’ is shown as part of the import text.


      PlusBus Before.jpg



      A manual change is then required to remove the text and replace it by a text box aligned right to the column - as shown below.

      PlusBus After.jpg



      On any poster there are four columns (fixed width 138mm with a gutter of 11.233mm) however the number of PlusBus amends varies.



      As someone who fudges through Design (and doing a goob job too!), I'm not familiar with the scripting process - so I'm askignt the wider community if there's a script available that could speed this process up at all?



      Using Indesign CS2 V4.0 on both PC and Mac at the present time - with a view to update to CS5 a future date - so if there is a script for both it would help