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    Keyframe Problems


      Hi Adobe Forum,


      I have been using After Effects on a friends computer and I cannot work out why the keyframes are giving me problems.


      Particularly when using the 3d layer on my text. For instance, I will keyframe the z axis so the text flys towards me from the back of the composition. Then I want this to slow down as the logo gets closer.


      The initial keyframe to make the text fly in from the back is:


      1st keyframe = z axis: value: 24 484 @ 0 frames




      2nd keyframe = z axis: value 0 @ 1. 06 frame


      I then try to add my third which looks like this:


      3rd keyframe = z axis: value: -342 @ 3.18 frames


      These 3 keyframes should give me the desired animation but instead in between the 2nd & 3rd AE spikes the value in the middle:


      2nd keyframe value: 0


      in the middle of these keyframes AE automatically sets the value to -1915 so it increases to this to the middle and then decreases before finishes on the 3rd


      3rd keyframe value: -342


      I hope I have made this clear! I have also attached a youtube video so you can see exactly what I mean. Please help as it is stopping my workflow.