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    Spark DataGrid Equal Column Widths (vs MX DataGrid)

    Prem Radhakrishnan

      In the mx DataGrid, if you did not specify any column widths all the column widths were equal , or if you specified one columns width the rest of the full width of the DataGrid would be distributed equally among the columns. I cant find an easy way to do this for the Spark Grid. I have looked into using the typicalData but that does not solve my problems coz I create the datagrids on the fly with different types of datasets as is required and there is no one typicaldata. Looked at various blogs including blog.flexexamples.com/ and http://hansmuller-flex.blogspot.com/ but no luck so far.


      If I try to calculate the widths of the columns I can get it to size properly but then during browser resizing it gets ugly and I only tried this as a test case because even if I calculate I would like to set percent widths and not explicit widths and this is not available in the GridColumn class as well. I create the GridColumns based on a dataset from a service and set the columns property of the DataGrid based on that.


      Would appreciate any help, we have decided to stick with mx grid at this time until we get it resolved.