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    Strange behavior with sound channels while importing from PC to MAC CS5

    walczakb Level 1



      I have experienced a very strange behavior with sound channels.


      We had one editor edit a project on a PC Premiere CS5. All footage was Cineform avi 720p25, source channel mapping was set to mono, since we had 2 separate lavalier channels recorded.


      Then we moved the project to the Mac, Premiere CS5 for finishing. Everything imported fine, as is usually the case, with one exception. For some reason the audio channels were mapped back to stereo, resulting in two identical mono tracks with the first audio channel only, where we had the first one on one track, and the second one on another. Now it is not possible to change the audio channel mapping back (understandable, this is how PPro works), but due to this error in importing we are stuck with a nasty problem on our hands.


      We know that everything was fine on the PC project, because we exported DVD and the sound was OK.


      I would welcome suggestion for a workaround or a fix which do not involve me replacing 1000+ audio edits or using PC. We need to use Mac, because this is where we have Production Premium installed with AE and other tools.