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    Dynamic and inherited States in MXML not recognized

    enridp Level 1

      Hi ! can you explain how Flash Builder detects the states in MXML?

      It seems that it only parses the inline MXML declaration (and only strings!)


              <s:State name="state1"/>
              <s:State name="state2"/>



      but if you have states defined in the base class those states are not recognized when you type includeIn, excludeIn, etc.

      Even more ! if you make something like this:


               <s:State name="{STATE_NAME}"/>
               <s:State name="state2"/>



      Where STATE_NAME is a local var, Flash Builder doesn't recognize it either.


      Please tell me if this is a bug or a lack of feature, and in any case, if there is a workaround for this.


      I need to inherits my states, and use them in the child components.


      Thanks !