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    Help: Canon hf200 .mts file imported as 29.97FPS instead of 60FPS (60i). How to fix?

    dakooler1 Level 1

      Hey everyone, first post, and I have a question. I searched and I couldn't find an answer for this.


      I'm filming on a canon hf200 (class 4 sdhc card--if that makes any difference). I'm filming at 24Mbps on the 60i setting, but when I import in to Premiere, the footage gets imported at 29.97FPS. For my sequence settings, I'm selecting desktop, then 59.94 FPS (since I could not find an AVCHD setting with 60fps), and the clips are still not imported as 60 (or 59.94) FPS. Am I missing something? Settings not right? Have to convert to get 60FPS? Any help will be appreciated!