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    No Image In Source Monitor

    lbsimpson Level 1

      Hi all,


      Strange issue going since yesterday afternoon.  I just started a new project using 1080i P2 and Ikegami media, from which projects have been succesfully completed many times in PPro.  As I started to prepare to cut, I first laid out my VO and was able to view the waveforms and select edit points in the source monitor without any issue.  I started to double click imported media to load in the source monitor, and can't seem to get any sort of image or playback of any clip.  I've tried loading it several different ways to no avail.  If the clip is dragged and dropped from the source monitor into the timline, the clip is visible and plays back in the program monitor.


      I've tried closing/repoening PPro, restarting and shutting down the tower etc., performed an Adobe production suite update and opening alternate PPro projects with the same media type and sequence format DVCProHD, but all to no avail.


      It is functioning properly at least per an initial test with an old SD 4:3 project.


      I can certainly edit in the timeline, but it is so much faster to use the source monitor and edit points.


      Thoughts anyone?