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    Help submitting data to server as a form instead of a url post

    jacecoleman Level 1

      I have a flex app that allows users to upload to our website.  When the user  uploads their files, i need to make a call to the server to see if their allotted  diskspace as been exceeded or not (I'm currently using an HTTPService that replies back  either true or false).  Everything is working great except when a large quantity  of files are uploaded at once.  I'm sure that the error is being caused by the  url query string being truncated because it's too long.  I'm currently  submitting my variables like this:


      var params:Object = new Object();

              params.FileList = FileList;



      Does anyone have an example or an idea of how i can submit this data as a form variable instead of a URL?  My upload app doesn't actually have a form in it so i would be looking for a way to add my params to an array then submit as a form variable instead.  Any pointers would be great.