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    Stay ON for ever the HIGHLIGHTE FILEDS button on top right corner of form?

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      I am developing an VISITOR Adobe Interactive Form, i have Designer 8.1 and Reader 9.0 in my Windows 7 Laptop. When i checked the menu EDIT-->form properties --> Compatability, its Adobe XML form File (XDP)


      When i opened this VISITOR interactive form in a browser, right clicking and checked form PROPERTIES, then i saw the "PDF Version: 1.6 (Acrobat 7.x)"


      When i opened VISITOR interactive form in browswer, i saw a purple ribbon on the top of the form with a text of "Pls fill out the folowing form. You can save data typed into this form" on left corner and i can see a button HIGHLIGHT FELDS on the right corner, if i press this button, all mandatory fields on the form getting RED colored border (this is good, i want this feature)


      1) Why am getting this purple riboon on the top?
      2) is end-users are also gonna get this when they run from SAP portal?
      3) Can i disable it, if business dont want it? if so, how i can remove this ribbon?
      4) How can stay RED colered border for the mandatory fields for ever for all users for all scenarios(defaulting), wht settings i need to do?
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          To 1: That "purple ribbon" is provided by Acrobat/Reader higher than version 8, if the document has writable form fields. It does not matter whether you have the document opened in Acrobat/Reader or under the browser (as long as the Acrobat component is version 8 or higher).


          To 2: Most likely, if their PDF viewer component is based on Acrobat 8 or higher.


          To 3: You can't suppress or modify that "purple ribbon" from the document (one of my serious pet peeves with Acrobat, but that's another story). The user (only the user) can collapse it by clicking on the icon at the left. If you are "heavy" enough towards Adobe (many millions of dollars business per year), you may try to "persuade" them to get rid of that thingie… good luck!)


          To 4: There is an application-level property runtimeHighlight, which you could set in the documentOpen event. However, this is a user preference, and it is considered to be very bad manner to change user preferences with your documents. You may have a closer look at this in the Acrobat JavaScript documentation.


          Hope this can help.


          Max Wyss

          PRODOK Engineering