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    AVCHD Scrubbing: Getting CS5.5 to match Edius 6 = Losing Battle?

    KqK2 Level 1

      I need to efficiently review long (5+ hour) video from an unattended camera shooting wildlife feeding stations; material is 59.94p AVCHD (I know, I know.)


      In Edius, I can drop the whole thing on the source monitor, grab the playback head and scrub back and forth with very little stuttering. Forward/Reverse play via the keyboard is also very responsive.


      In Premiere CS 5.5, and on the same system, I can do none of this: scrubbing is effectively useless, as is reverse play.


      (Gory details: Win 7, system is a 2.5Ghz Xeon workstation, 12Gb RAM, separate disks for OS, Scratch, and Source.)


      Is there any chance that upgrading my video card - currently an ATI FirePro V3700, no CUDA - will improve the performance of AVCHD scrubbing? From what I've read, it won't, but I'd love to be told that I'm wrong.


      Is there some other factor I'm missing? Or, frankly, am I fighting a losing battle: i.e. is Premiere simply not optimized for AVCHD to the extent that is Edius?


      (Not trying to start any trouble, folks. Just looking for the right tool for the job.)

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