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    "Rendering Required Files" - huh?

    Stevedocmaker Level 1

      I'm editing a sequence with a couple of nested sequences and a multicamera edit.  Suddenly I'm encountering huge delays when PP RANDOMLY decides it needs to do some rendering. I (seemingly at random) get the message "Rendering Required Files" and then I have to wait for minutes to do anything!


      • There are no compilicated effects in any of the sequences.

      • There are only a few tracks in the master sequence, and only one or two tracks of audio and/or video in the prior sequences.

      • I have a dual quad core MacPro with 16GB of RAM.

      • I have 4x1TB hard drives.


      I can not for the life of me understand why it needs to render anything.  I get the feeling this has to do with audio, but I can not pin this down.  Can anybody explain what the heck the program is rendering so I can figure out a workaround?????

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          Stevedocmaker Level 1

          I should add as a follow-up that in the projects where this is happening, if I let the program render the files, save the project, close the project and reopen it right away, it wants to render all over again!  It seems like for whatever reason it is not finding the files it just rendered!!!

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            Jim_Simon Level 8

            I get the feeling this has to do with audio


            It does.

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              lasvideo Level 4

              Jim can you elaborate? It sounds like an important concept for me to understand.

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                Jim_Simon Level 8

                The nested sequence often needs to be rendered before playback begins.  This is especially true for multicam sequences.


                Knowing it's coming, I just do it manually before I try and play the sequence.

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                  Stevedocmaker Level 1

                  You are probably right that this has to do with audio, but there is more to the problem.  I have three projects I'm working on, all were done exactly the same way.  Started with a multicam sequence, nested the multicam and then nesteda again to a third  sequence where aditional edits are being done.  One project plays fine.  If I make changes to the audio in the origianal sequence, then I have to wait for a render in the final, but I only have to do this once.


                  The other two projects act as though they can't find the render.  This is the problem.  I've searched my hard drives and the reneders are where they are supposed to be, in the scratch disk specified.


                  Waiting for a call back from Adobe... (almost 45 minutes...)

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                    Jim_Simon Level 8

                    The other two projects act as though they can't find the render.


                    Ah.  That's a separate issue.  I don't know how to solve that one.

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                      Stevedocmaker Level 1

                      Yeah.  The Adobe tech support guy first tells me to update my graphics card driver.  Oh ya, that will do it.  Then he says that different hard drive manufacturers is the problem.


                      Sure. Thanks.


                      Any other ideas (besides switch to Avid)?

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                        Keith Moreau Level 1

                        I have had very strange problems like this with PPro on Mac, there is a 'voodoo chicken dance' that I sometimes do, in this order and try each thing, each has it's degree of disruptiveness but eventually effective:


                        1) Restart PPro

                        2) Restart Mac

                        3) Clean system caches with Cocktail and restart Mac

                        4) Clear media caches (PPro prefs)

                        5) Start with a new project, import the problem project into the new project

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                          Stevedocmaker Level 1

                          Thanks, I had not heard of Cocktail.  Looks like a great little application.  Unfortunately, it did not solve the problem.


                          To shed more light on this issue, everytime I open a file, PP decides it needs to Generate Peak Files for all the files in the timeline (which takes forever, of course).  And I'm seeing each of these generated files on the hard drive in the same directory as the source files.  Not only is there no clear reason why the program thinks this is necessary, it's not even recognizing that the files it just generated minutes ago already exist.  This has never happened before of course.


                          Tech support was of little help, other than to confirm the problem.  At least they finally admitted it was not a hardware issue.  They are supposedly looking into this and will get back to me.


                          Of course I've tried deleting preferences, etc.


                          HAS ANYBODY ELSE EXPERIENCED THIS?


                          ANY IDEAS AS TO WHAT'S CAUSING THIS?

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                            Stevedocmaker Level 1

                            Correction: the program starts "generating peak files" as soon as a file is imported.

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                              Stevedocmaker Level 1

                              This clearly has something to do with audio in nested sequences.  If I turn the audio off in the 1st sequence, the "rendering" still is "required", but it only takes a few seconds.  So I tried exporting the audio of the first sequence to an AIFF file, importing that file and placing it in the timeline of the first sequence, turning off the audio in the other tracks for that sequence.  The pointless rendering in the second sequence still occurs, but it's much quicker and this seems to be a manageable workaround for now.  A wav file or some other format may be even quicker.


                              The ability to nest sequences is and essential feature of a modern NLE.  Clearly Adobe is not aware of how people actually use their product, instead are focused on making software that can make a whiz-bang demo.  Who in their right mind would program this waste of time into their application and call it a feature?

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                                Toomany3 Level 1

                                Any other ideas (besides switch to Avid)?

                                Hate to say this, but raise heck with the first few guys at Tech Support and work your way up the food chain till you get past the guy with the "update your driver" script.


                                I had to do this with CS5.0.1 and got 2 or 3 nice, but clueless guys that wasted about an hour of my time.  Then they finally passed me off to a guy that knew what he was talking about and remotely controlled the computer and did an excellent job with follow up.  My problems went away with the subsequent upgrade.  Sorry to say, but you got to work your way to the top.


                                BTW, Avid can't dynamically link to AE.

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                                  Jim_Simon Level 8

                                  the program starts "generating peak files" as soon as a file is imported.


                                  That's normal and unavoidable.

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                                    Jim_Simon Level 8
                                    no clear reason why the program thinks this is necessary


                                    The .pek files are necessary for waveform display.

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                                      Jim_Simon Level 8
                                      it's not even recognizing that the files it just generated minutes ago already exist.


                                      THAT part is unusual.

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                                        Stevedocmaker Level 1

                                        I do have three drives set up as you suggested, so that's not likely to be the problem.


                                        However, I noticed that somehow I must have checked a box in media preferences a few days ago to store the cache files near the originals.  Unchecking this may have cleared the problem up.


                                        It seems as though, for some reason, with this box checked it was not recognizing the files it had just generated.  Unchecking the box has definitely solved the continuous generation of peak files, and it SEEMS at this point to have solved the continuous "rendering required files" as well, though I'm not willing to go to the mat on this yet.


                                        Also, the "rendering of required files" seems to have more to do with audio than video, and everything to do with nested sequences.  I rendered the audio in my primary sequence and saved it as an AIFF file.  Then imported this and put it in the timeline of this sequence, turning off the other tracks.  After that, when PP needed to do it's "rendering", it went MUCH faster.  The original source footage was AVCHD with LPCM audio.


                                        I have to conclude, through all of this, that this check box in media preferences is BUGGY, and should be avoided at all costs!

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                                          ExactImage Level 3

                                          Steve,  I have this problem too.... BIG TIME.   I did exactly what you did, created a multicam then embedded that within another sequence.   Now it wants to sped 3hrs and 24mins "Rendering Required Files" and is taking HUGE amounts of HDD space to do it too.


                                          I just unchecked the box you suggests, cleared the cache and deleted all peak files etc.  I restarted the program (it's now re-conforming - so much for native editing) which will take a while, but we'll see if it makes any difference at all.   It's getting pretty frustrating.  All the time saved on using Multicam is lost while it "Rendered Required Files"!!!

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                                            Colin Brougham Level 6

                                            An easy way around this is to not use the the multicam audio in your edit sequence. I park at the beginning of my multicam edit sequence, hit Shift+T to reveal the nested multicam sync sequence at the same point, target the audio track I want to use, hit M to match frame into the Source Monitor, and then edit that audio track into my multicam edit sequence for reference audio. I never have the "Rendering Required Files" dialog then, and in general, multicam runs much smoother since PPro isn't dropping edits into the audio track.

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                                              ExactImage Level 3

                                              Thanks Colin - that does seem to help.  Moving the audio to the final sequence was even better.


                                              For reference, deleting the peak files and not storing with the source media made no difference at all

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                                                Stanley Arthur Level 3

                                                Colin is absolutely right. I've been copying and pasting the audio from what I call the "sync" sequence into the multicam sequence since CS3. It eliminates all difficulties II've experienced working with audio in multicam sequences.

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                                                  Colin Brougham Level 6

                                                  I seem to remember us discussing this before, Stan; thanks for adding another data point.


                                                  What baffles me is that Premiere Pro is now capable, with reasonably modern hardware, of playing back multiple tracks of CPU-torturing source media with various effects, transformations, etc. all in realtime, and yet, a lil' bit of audio forces all sorts of time-and-space-wasting workarounds. All this audio conforming nonsense needs to go to Dodoland before CSNext rolls out; I'm sure there were technical reasons why it was necessary before, but surely, the only reason it exists now is because its grandfathered in.


                                                  Off with its head, Adobe... off with its head.

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                                                    ExactImage Level 3

                                                    "Colin : All this audio conforming nonsense needs to go to Dodoland before CSNext rolls out; I'm sure there were technical reasons why it was necessary before, but surely, the only reason it exists now is because its grandfathered in."


                                                    Here Here!   I took two long Canon MXF clips and placed in to PP CS5.5.  I took the same two clips and using Log & Transfer to Native format ingested in to FCP.   I was editing in FCP faster than PP because PP was still conforming!   Arrgghh!!!


                                                    And.... why is it conforming takes a long time using almost no CPU time and almost no hard disk bandwidth?   Can't we at least get it to use all the CPU power to speed this up, running multiple files at once?    I sometimes have to wait a couple of hours for all the audio to conform and trying to edit while it's conforming is sluggish at best, and often no audio is available on the clips I want to edit until it's conformed.  Another Arrgghh!!!! 


                                                    C'mn Adobe.... can't be that hard

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                                                      RusstheEdit Level 1



                                                      I have a similar problem but not wit h a multicam sequence.


                                                      Imported a load of HDV footage (M2T) files, dropped them on to a sequence, they all play back fine.

                                                      Create a new sequence, same as the first

                                                      load sequence 1 into source monitor and select first edit point, drop this clip into sequence 2. so far so good this nested sequence plays back fine.

                                                      Howvere as soon as I add another edit or even just split the current clip on the timeline I then get the Renedering required files message!!!!!


                                                      realy frustrating, this doesn't happen on Standard Def DVcam footage and now is randomly working with M2T files in a different sequence!!!

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                                                        Jim_Simon Level 8

                                                        Might be because of the compression used in the original audio.  DV uses Uncompressed audio.  HDV uses MPEG.

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                                                          andi_urra Level 1

                                                          Hi, I have the same problem right now, in a sequence with multiple audio and video tracks, some nested sequences, too. Usually this rendering message has to do with audio in my experience. But now, even if I make every track invisible and muted so that absolutely nothing would have to be rendered, still the "Rendering required files" comes everytime I hit J or K. Even worse, with J and K it will not play at all. That is, I hit the key, the message shows very briefly and nothing else happens. Interestingly, space bar still works for forward playback - still showing the message beforehand. This really is a pain.

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                                                            Stevedocmaker Level 1

                                                            I have discovered (after hours of screaming at no one) that occasionally an audio clip in a nested sequence will get "corrupted."  This is the highly technical term was bestowed upon the problem by someone at Adobe.  If you can find the corrupted clip in the nested sequence and remove it from the timeline, the problem goes away.  You can replace the clip from the source clip and it seems to be fine.  Why it gets "corrupted" in the first place is anybody's guess.  As for how to find the corrupted file, trial and error seems to be the only way.  As to why no one at Adobe thinks this important enough to fix, go figure.


                                                            Another gem straight from the source is that all NLE's have this problem.  Really?  I've been editing for over 15 years and this is the only platform I've experienced this on.


                                                            It's a good thing Adobe doesn't make airplanes, or we'd all be dead by now ('oh yeah, it's normal for the engines to cut out at 30,000 feet, Airbus planes do the same thing').

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                                                              Toomany3 Level 1

                                                              I'm glad this thread has been resurrected.  I've been trying out CS5.5 at work and the problem still exists.  We now have 2 computers at each work station so that when Premiere decides to render "required files" we can go work on something else in the mean time. 


                                                              Same thing goes for bigger projects that have 1500+ clips to conform.  Open the file and wait 15-30 minutes is our average.


                                                              Not complaining (ok, I am)... We love Adobe, but this really needs to get fixed in CS6.

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                                                                Stevedocmaker Level 1

                                                                Warning - semi-rant follows.


                                                                I am complaining, but not that there's a bug.  The attitude that comes out of this company - and so many others in the software industry - just drives me nuts.  They essentially tell us a) that bugs are a result of mysterious forces beyond their control (ie files just naturally get "corrupted" on their own) and b) that we should just figure out ourselves how to work around them (hence this forum).


                                                                As far as I can tell right now they're busy in Freemont working on push-button story telling.  I'd rather they stopped working on gimmicks, and stopped blaming their bugs on sunspots and/or solar radiation, and just fix what they have.  PP doesn't need more bells and whistles, it's a very good package right now -  when it works as it's supposed to.

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                                                                  Stanley Arthur Level 3

                                                                  I have discovered that there are few problems that can't be fixed with a Z800, 48 gigs of ram and 16 virtual cores.

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                                                                    Stephen_Spider Level 3

                                                                    I see a lot of posts with mac users not being able to retain temp media files, not sure if it is missing from the cache or where. Not so many PC users with this type of post.


                                                                    It should be addressed if there is a defined issue.

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                                                                      TradeWind Level 3

                                                                      This multicam/audio/rendering "bug" has been at the very top of my list of grievances for years now. Actually, the only gripes I have with PPro at all have to do with multicam editing. I love the PPro app, it does everything that I personally need it to do in an NLE until it comes time to edit a multicam project (which is about 50% of my projects).


                                                                      Obviously the "rendering required files" issue is a major problem, because it literally stops EVERYTHING that I am doing in PPro. As with other users, I have found creative ways to dodge this, but sometimes the particular job requires using the multicam source sequence audio in whole or in part. If this happened in the background like other audio-related tasks, it would be different, but instead I'm forced to turn up the speaker volume and walk away to do something else until I hear the audio blast that tells me the "rendering required files" storm has passed. That's my rant, and I'm sticking to it.


                                                                      The other complaint I have about multicam is that it is limited to 4 tracks. There are other quirks and tiny problems around the multicam workflow but in general I do find that Adobe's approach to multicam in PPro is much simpler and easier (except for the rendering audio disaster) than other NLEs. If it had more than 4 tracks (say, 8 or 12 or 24 even) and the rendering audio bug wasn't there (as it has been since multicam was introduced) then I'd have little to complain about personally in PPro.


                                                                      I know a bunch of you have other hot-topic issues, but for me, those are the only ones, and they are HUGE.

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                                                                        Stephen_Spider Level 3

                                                                        I usually delete my synch sequence combined audio track from the multicam sequence, then paste in the original separate audio tracks from the synch sequence into the multicam sequence. The audio doesn't need to render or draw waveforms anymore. I then mix the audio tracks, then lock them, only unlocking to perform ripple deletes and such.

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                                                                          Stanley Arthur Level 3

                                                                          Thank you, Stephen, the voice of reason. This step is quick, easy and solves the problem. It's all I've ever done in multicam.

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                                                                            Keith Moreau Level 1

                                                                            Stephen, I have 'worked around' this bug by deleting the audio portion of the MC track while editing. I still have the original sequence audio to cut to. However, sometimes it's pretty inconvenient, for example, if I'm not working directly in the sequence that has the full MC track in it, but have copied a portion of the MC track to another sequence, a nested MC, so to speak, without all the other original tracks that made up the MC. Sometimes I want the audio from the MC, but it's been deleted. Any workarounds for this or just live with it and take original audio along with the MC video track where I go?

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                                                                              Stephen_Spider Level 3

                                                                              Yea, I can see where if you are just taking multiple exeprts from a multicam sequence it could be a drag. All nested sequences need to render audio.


                                                                              I assumed you were doing a multicam edit, more than a multi-sequence edit. I don't know why you would be bouncing from sequence to sequence so much if it were a multicam project.

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                                                                                Not that I'm too much into the "me too" kind of reply, but I just wanted to add my data into this thread in hope for an eventual fix.


                                                                                I'm using the PC version (CS5.5) with all the latest updates, on an Intel i7 (4 cores +HT), 24 GB RAM, 2 nVidia GTX470 (sli), a SolidState drive for OS and Apps, and 4x 2TB disks in RAID10 configuration for my data. I think the PC's performance should be more than adequate.


                                                                                My projet seems similar to what other users have been describing. I have a first sequence on which I have laid 2 video tracks and 2 additional audio tracks. No video effect has been applied. As for audio effect, I have applied EQ and Dynamics on 2 of the tracks (not on the clips themselves). Ultimately, I ended up muting 3 of the audio tracks. Therefore, only 1 audio track ends up in my mix. The audio clip is an uncompressed mono WAV file which was generated by Audition (44.1kHz, 16bits).


                                                                                On a second sequence, I laid the the video and audio parts of Sequence1 as two seperate clips, so they are completely unlinked. I have set the video clip to MULTI CAM. The audio clip having been laid on the sequence seperately is not influenced at by any of my video edits and camera changes. I have used this approach after reading other users' input on this thread.


                                                                                When the dreaded "Rendering Required Files..." poped up, I did a couple of UNDO/REDO in order to pin point the exact operation after which the problem occurs. It happened right after I used the Razor Tool to cut my audio clip. At this point, I haven't move my clips' begin and end points. I only applied a cut somewhere in the middle of the audio clip and left it untouch. I can undo that cut and the problem dissapears. But as soon as I cut my clip again, I can no longer play my Sequence #2 without the "Rendering Required Files..." window poping up. I have several hours of video to edit. This happened at 35 minute into the sequence. I can't afford the time to wait for all the rendering to take place, only to end up in the same position where the application will not remember the render it just did.


                                                                                Interestingly, I can play Sequence #1 with no problem. On Sequence #2, the problem persits even if I mute (click the speaker and eye icons) all audio and video tracks. I tried selecting a limited work area, even a blank are with no audio nor video, and I still have the problem when I hit the enter (preview) key.


                                                                                Also, there's a yellow line on top of my timeline (both sequences) meaning Premiere should attempt to render the sequence on the fly.

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                                                                                  sstlouis Level 1

                                                                                  As I'm sure many will be interested to know, CS6 has the same problem. I upgrade to CS6, and one of the first things I did was try this one out. I opened my previous CS5.5 project, converted it to CS6. I took the audio of Sequence #1, placed it on Sequence #2 and made several cuts using the razor tool. When I try to play the sequence, the dreaded windows pops up again.


                                                                                  In the end, my workaround is to export Sequence #1's Audio track as a wave file. I then use it on Sequence #2. This kindda sucks as I need to re-export the audio everytime I wish to make adjustments to the mix. This defeats the whole purpose of sequence embeding and dynamix linking...

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                                                                                    flick h

                                                                                    Funny enough, I tore my hair out for a few hours then solved it.


                                                                                    For now?!


                                                                                    I went to the original sequence, went to the sequence menu and chose "render audio."


                                                                                    Problem solved.  Apparently it was rendering nested sequence on the fly, but not remembering those renders.


                                                                                    After that, J-K-L works too.


                                                                                    Dang!  Just re-opened the project and the problem is back.


                                                                                    Aaaaand rendering the source sequence audio solves it again.  Once a day is ok considering all the alternatives.


                                                                                    (Cutting two multicam edits together - never again!!!  Too much hassle, even without this problem)

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                                                                                      I solved the "Rendering Required Files" problem by removing the audio from an After Effects project that was dynamically linked to Premiere Pro. The audio (narration) was only there to help me with timing.

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