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    neekss Level 1
      I'm developing an application in DMX2004 and its got lots of QTVRS (version 7).

      There's one feature which starts the automatic schematic tour of all the VRs.
      I noticed that as the sprite's member is changed with a new QTVR, there is a substantial increase in the memory used by the application ( Authoring as well as Projector).

      For eg. my normal memory(PF) usage shown by windows task manager is around 500 Mb, but this sometimes will go to 1800 Mb or more by the time the QTVR tour finishes, which is like 10 QTVRs of ~5 Mb each.
      Program becomes pretty slow after this and as soon as projector is closed, PF will come down to <400 Mb.

      I've checked through the cast members, they have a normal unload priority. I've tried changing it but doesnt help much.

      Is this a memory leak or something else? Please suggest me on this while I too am trying myself.