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    Korean Language Support Package required for Reader but not Acrobat?


      One of our departments on campus has created a form that is causing some users to get a message prompting them to download the Korean Language Support Package in order to fill in the form fields.


      When I originally tested this in Acrobat Pro 9 I didn't get any errors.  Another user also reported the issue recently (two this week).  So we tested it again, but this time used both Reader 9 and Reader X -- both programs were generating this message to download the language pack.  The form appears to be completely in English with no Korean characters.  It uses fairly standard fonts and I didn't see any embedding or encoding issues with the fonts.


      Reader SS fonts.jpg


      Aside from having end users download a Korean Language Support Pack to view a PDF that doesn't seem to contain any Korean, are there any other options out there without recreating the form from scratch?  Here is a list of the fonts used in the PDF.  The only types of encoding are Ansi and Identity-H (which I expanded in the SS above), with the latter fonts being embedded within the PDF.


      Any ideas?  The form is linked below.  Thanks in advance for your replies.


      Here is a link to the PDF

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          SI_MSD7 Level 2

          I just experienced the same thing when trying to eSign the doc. Weird. I'm using Reader X.

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            I am experiencing a similar problem with a pdf document created in MS Word 2007.


            When viewed in Acrobat 7 Std or 9.X Pro, the document content displays normally. But when viewed in Reader 9 or X, the following events occur:

            1. Immediately upon scrolling up or down to a page with an embedded Visio drawing (.vsd), a Korean language pack error message appears. Message text varies depending on Reader version.
            2. Embedded Visio drawings display only a portion of their shape elements. See the example below. The image is company proprietary so I can't show you a full image for comparison.


            Both of the above errors occur in:

            1. new pdfs generated from the archived Word 2007 source document;
            2. the archived pdf whenever it is retrieved an reopened.


            Previously, the archived pdf could be opened and viewed in Reader 9 or X with neither of the above errors occuring.


            I reproduced the errors on several workstations.

            Both errors always occur together.

            I confirmed the default language in Word, Visio, and Acrobat as U.S. English.


            Advice appreciated.



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              While our problems differ, my solution may still be relevant.


              My culprit was a rogue font in an embedded Visio drawing. I identified and located the font using the "List text using non-embedded fonts" Preflight analysis in Acrobat 9.4 Pro. I checked the encoding of each non-embedded font and discovered that Arial Unicode MS used Korean font encoding (specifically, KSCms-UHC-H). See screenshot below. Doubleclicking on one of the font properties highlighted the offending text in the pdf.


              I went to that location in the source file, which happened to be in the first embedded Visio drawing (shown above). I double clicked the drawing, selected all, and selected Arial font. Then I regenerated the pdf and viewed it in Reader X. The Korean language pack error message did not appear and all Visio drawings displayed normally.


              I would recommend using the Acrobat preflight tools to locate text or objects with incorrect font encoding within your PDF or form, then surgically striking (or carpet bombing) the affected location(s) in the source files with embedded/supported fonts.


              Hope this helps.




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