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    No permission to copy.........


      When I drag an Ebook (just downloaded) from the ADE screen to the nook "bookshelf"

      I get the error message "no permission to copy document here"


      If I copy the ebook file from mycomputer to the nook, copy ok but when

      I try to use the book (now in the nook) I get the error message

      "user not activated"



      Where do I acquire the permission to read the nook???

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          It's not necessarily the Nook....  It's more likely to be the publisher of

          the book.


          If I'm correct, you've got the Nook working with Digital Editions (DE) so

          that you can drag and drop ebooks to it.  Let me assume that this is the

          first time you've had this happen to you and that other ebooks are readable

          on the Nook.


          You need to check the digital permissions set by the publisher for the ebook

          that's giving you this message.  With DE in Library View, put your cursor on

          the title of the ebook.  A small arrow should appear.  Click on that arrow,

          and a drop-down menu will appear with three choices.  Pick and click on

          'Item Info'.  You'll see a screen that displays information about the ebook,

          including 'Permissions set by the publisher'.  I'm pretty sure that the

          publisher has set the permissions to restrict copying the ebook.


          That said, copying the ebook to the Nook using regular utilities won't

          change the situation, because the ebooks permissions file will block use on

          the Nook....


          You have options from here.  The first one is to utter some foul language -

          not very productive.  Next, if you purchased the ebook, you can go back to

          the source and tell them what's happened.  They may - or may not - be able

          to do something about it.




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            CRebeck Level 1

            In the past I have downloaded Ebooks using the same proceedure. I have had computer problems that required a complete reinstall of windows 7.

            So with a cleaned out computer I reinstalled ADE. Somewhere in the procedure I seem to be D/L to my computer rather D/L direct to the nook.

            I must not have followed the critical sequence of inserting the Nooks USB at the correct time.

              I have talked with the library person who was familiar with the procedure. No changes were made since I was previously successful.

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              CRebeck Level 1

              Problem solved !!!!!    I changed the ADE password to be the same as that used on the Nook.

              and D/L item was allowed  to be copied


              Source of help was an ADE faq related to Authorize