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    mobile scroller -- adding arrows to scroll left or right


      Hi, I have a scroller around an hgroup that holds a buttonbar.  In a mobile app, the scroll bar does not display.

      However, I'd like to have an arrow that displays on either side only if there are buttons to scroll to in that direction.

      Also, the scroller is within the actionContent, if that makes any difference.

      I'm not sure exactly how to go about this, any ideas or threads you can direct me to?

      Here's the segment of code:


              <s:Scroller id="cardScroller" width="500" height="100%">
                  <s:HGroup height="100%" id="barGroup">
                      <s:ButtonBar id="buttonBar" requireSelection="true"
                              <s:HorizontalLayout gap="-1" columnWidth="80" variableColumnWidth="false" />


      this works great and scrolls as it should, but I'd like to display arrows so that it is obvious to the user that there are more buttons to scroll to.