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    Difficulty selecting table

    TᴀW Adobe Community Professional & MVP

      I cannot for the life of me select a table.


      I have this one cell table that I put an image in. I set it to have no cell inset, no table inset.


      I can select the table as a character obviously (just shift arrow key). But it seems to me impossible to actually select the cell or the whole table. Aargh.


      Before I write a scipt just to select a table, there must be something I'm missing, no?




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          Joel Cherney Level 5

          If you use the text tool, and if your cursor is in the same story as your one-cell table, then if you mouse over the left margin of the table cell, then you have ONE PIXEL'S WIDTH of row-selection - the mouse pointer will turn into an arrow that points to the right. Left-click once and you've selected your cell, ESC and you've selected your picture as text.

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            TᴀW Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            I should add that the table exactly fills the text frame margins.


            And this is CS4ME (meaning that the story editor doesn't allow you to expand a table).





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              TᴀW Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Thank you Joel.


              What you say is true. In this case (and I didn't mention this before), the picture that's in the table is actually LARGER thank the margins. So you've got a 1 cell table with a picture in it that extends past the table boundaries. In this case the black arrow never appears -- I think it's actually impossible to select the table in such a case without a script.


              I imagine the script would be something like the following, assuming you've select the table "character" with your cursor:




              or maybe simpler, if you just put your cursor anywhere in the table paragraph, and assuming there's only one table in the paragraph;




              Anyway, is there a normal way to select such a table? I'm not managin to find the 1 pixel region when the picture overflows the boundaries of the table.